Registration: Online registration platform

Convention Registration

Why choose Registration?

  • To enable visitors to register and make payment online
  • To reduce the need for manual data entry
  • To keep your client database updated with minimal effort

Convention Registration

Convention Registration is a web platform which allows your delegates to register for your event online. There is no longer any need to enter new information into a database, it is entered directly by delegates themselves, and you then import the information into your database.

Primary entry point for information

The Convention Registration application allows you to collect a wide range of target information in a database, while avoiding duplication. It is a true portal for information relating to all delegates.

Control the information that is entered in your database

The value of your information increases when it is up to date. From one event to the next, people can switch companies, or change their email address or telephone number. By using Convention Registration for your series of events, you can be confident that the data will be up to date.

Customize your forms

With Convention Registration, you prepare your registration forms to your own specifications, according to the information that you need. Visitors are guided through the process, from entering their personal details through to making payment online where required. Thus, you are able to set your own procedures for gathering information from each type of delegate.

An integrated, tailored service

Graphically integrated with your website, and customized for different categories of delegate, the forms allow you to collect the information you need.

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