Mobile: Stay connected to your delegates

Convention Mobile

Why choose Mobile?

  • To generate additional income
  • To improve your event experience
  • To offer your clients a new and original way to communicate

Convention Mobile

The Convention Mobile application adds an extra string to your bow. You will be able to offer your guests a complete informative and interactive application which will heighten their experience of your event.

A new way of communicating

Thanks to a customized mobile app, you can provide your delegates with a support tool for your event, which is available in their pockets. This is a new way of communicating, which can, among other things, supplement your services for sponsors , better inform your delegates, or add impact to the meetings at your event.

Your event app

With the ability to customize the graphics, text and even functions, your brand is integrated graphically, in full accordance with your specifications, establishing continuity in your corporate communications.

Present your event

Your delegates will be able to obtain general information about your event, including schedules, access information, a plan of the stands, and your sponsors’ pages. This content can be customized via your content administration interface.

Present your delegates

Your delegates will be able to browse the list of participants and obtain details of the companies and visitors at your event. They will also be able to edit their personal profiles in order to display their preferred information, and to publish their photograph so that those they are meeting will be able to identify them more quickly.

Your event, all year long

Thanks to Convention Mobile, you can maintain a lively community around your event all year long. It is your clients and prospective clients who have access to the app... Thus, using an administration interface, you can publish information throughout the year in order to enrich your offering, or keep the details of your event fresh and current.

Interface with Convention suite

Used in conjunction with Convention Organizer, Convention Mobile is automatically updated with information from your management system, including the list of delegates, companies, and stands.

Used in conjunction with Convention Networking, Convention Mobile enables delegates to keep track of their schedule, contact other delegates, and plan their visit.

Used in conjunction with Convention Badge, Convention Mobile allows visitors using the app to collect business cards from the other delegates they meet.

Customizable functionality

The application is designed to evolve along with your requirements. Tailored development can result in new functionality which is essential to your business. Due to the technology we have selected, Syselio can develop native solutions for Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile platforms.

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