Plug : Give life to your ideas in the Convention suite

Convention Plug

Why choose Plug?

  • To complete your solution
  • To modify a feature
  • To interface you to others systems

Convention Plug

With the Convention Plug service, you can add somes features to your Convention system.

Improve your solution

You have to interface to a system of specific accounting? You need to extract data in a different format. You would like to change a display for certain users. With Convention Plug, benefit from plugins allowing you to complete your solution by adapting it to your needs.

Centralize your functionalities

Convention solution is thought to accommodate new or unique features in your interface. So you no longer navigate from one program to another and can manage everything from Convention Organizer to avoid double entries or painful crossing data.

Continuous Evolution

Given the scalability of the suite, the Convention Plug system follows your pace of development. From room to room on your floor you new ideas and imagine the future features in your software. At any time, the Convention Plug allows you to connect these ideas, these features without interfering with the system.


Convention Plug allows you to customize your solution according to your ideas. With this connection area features you can imagine any extension that you want to place in Convention Organizer...

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