Convention: The event organizer’s software toolkit

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Why choose Convention?

  • To expand the services you offer
  • To optimize your profits for each event
  • To have a single point of contact for IT issues
  • To take advantage of a comprehensive and scalable solution

Convention Suite

A complete solution

Convention is a toolkit which enables you to manage all aspects of organizing an event. Built around a database designed for the events industry, the solution allows you to offer your guests a full range of services to improve their experience, from online registration to badge printing, a mobile app and the ability to schedule appointments.

Specialized support

We share with organizers the daily demands of putting events together. We are not just a point of contact, we are a reliable partner who aims to succeed. Our strength lies in our experience of the events industry, so that together we can deal with all the unexpected issues which are an inherent part of this profession.

Technical flexibility

No standard IT system? All you need to run Convention is an Internet browser. In terms of the operation of the modules implemented, it makes no difference whether your users are on Macs or PCs.


Afraid of ending up as a hostage to technology or to a proprietary solution? Syselio respects your freedom and does not lock you in to a technological or contractual dead end. You will always be able to export your data at any time to Microsoft Excel format, in just a few clicks.

A modular system

Convention offers a suite of applications specifically designed for event organisers. Tailoring our system as closely as possible to your organization and your event format, we define together which applications you need and which will add new value to your business.

Unlimited number of terminals

One-off requirements? A growing team? You can connect as many terminals as you need, there are no additional licence costs. Convention is there to support you as you develop. A new colleague joining your team? No problem, Convention is immediately accessible on their terminal.


Do you have travelling sales staff? A need to access your data anytime, anywhere? This is Convention’s great strength: it is extremely simple to access your data remotely via a standard Internet connection and a web browser.

A long-term solution

Based on HTML 5 and JavaScript standards, Convention Organizer is a long-term, scalable solution.

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