Networking: A mobile, social business tool for your event

Convention Networking

Why choose Networking?

  • To enable your visitors to make the most of their visit
  • To create a community around your event
  • To have visibility of the number of meetings organized

Convention Networking

The Convention Networking platform is a web platform where delegates can browse the profiles of other delegates and request business meetings in advance of the event. This networking tool helps to optimize professional meetings and increase the benefits of participating in your event.

Additional added value

Convention Networking will enable you to raise the commercial appeal of your event. You will be able to guarantee that your delegates’ time will be optimized by offering them the opportunity to evaluate prospects or contacts, and to plan meetings before the event has even started.

Schedule management

As meetings are set up, a schedule is generated. This provides the delegate with a combined timetable for the event. The availability of those in contact with each other is cross-checked. The system can therefore automatically propose an alternative slot if one participant is busy at the proposed time.


You can determine which groups are able to interact with each other, which information about delegates you wish to make public, or the timeslots available for setting up meetings. With administrator access, you can measure the impact of your event in terms of the number of meetings held.

User friendly

An accessible, intuitive interface enables visitors to browse through a list of delegates and send meeting requests directly to those they wish to talk to. The interface has been designed to rapidly become a tool which your target audience will want to use.

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